Thursday, July 17, 2008

Piano Makeover

Long time no post. :o) Well for years now I've wanted to paint our piano. A sweet sweet friend of mine, Shelly, gave it to us. It was just sitting in her garage. 
I was very apprehensive for a long time because of the keys and hinges. I knew it wasn't some priceless antique but I wanted it to still be functional. I'm sure there are those who'd find it criminal to paint the wood but upon closer inspection they would have found missing veneer here and there, a large bubbly water spot from a plant, and many scrapes scratches and nicks. So don't fret too much wood lovers. (Besides, it's a "shabby cottage" blog ya know.)  LOL I painted it with my hand dandy paint sprayer. 
The sconces are made for the wall. They came as a set with the chandelier that lives in my girls' room. We hung them just like you would on the wall however I unwired (is that a word?) them and pulled the cords out of the holes out the bottom of the sconces so the cord could go inside the piano. Brig drilled  a large hole in the back of the piano for the plugs. The player parts are all missing so now the little doors are used to access the switches to turn off and on the sconces. :o)
I got the applique from a great seller on ebay, "do it yourself chic." They have tons of great appliques. 


gwenandboys said...

I really like the way it turned out. The lights are great! I bet it makes it nice for playing.

Rose said...

Thanks Gwen! I wouldn't know about the playing though. lol

Candy said...

Looks so pretty! I would have painted it white too. I paint everything white LOL Its lovely!

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog so that I could visit your pretty blog.
Candy :)

Kay said...

Hey that looks great!!! I'm sure that was a big job! Your room will look great with this wonderful piano in it.

Candy said...

I used to have my blog layout like yours for a long time but recently changed it but I changed it back last night to this stretched out layout because its so much easier to read! I like it :)
I cant wait for more pics of your pretty home :)

Shabby Rose Cottage said...

Love the piano makeover and would love to add you to my blog friends list. Oh and tag you're it! Come play tag with us. Visit my blog for details and to view your link. Have a great weekend.... Sandra

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

AWESOME!!!!! I t looks so cool!
Share more!!!!!

M ^..^

The Old Painted Cottage said...

OMG, Rose are you kidding me? This looks like a million bucks! Absolutely fabulous. What a great eye you have for fantastic treasure.


Rose Garden Romantic said...

Wow!! The piano makeover is fabulous!! LOVE the way you added the sconces!!

Rosemary said...

Hi Rose, i finally got a chance to visit your blog! YOUR HOUSE IS BEAUTIFUL! POst more pictures! Rosemary

Becky said...

Hi Rose,
Your piano is just beautiful. And your home is filled with so many things that I would love.
I can't wait to see more.
Thanks for following me. I hope we become good friends.

Lee Laurie said...

Hi Rose,
I just ran across your blog and I love it. The piano is so much prettier since you painted it white and added the lights. I would love to do that to my 'old' piano. It's about 150 years old. I might do that one day. Please post again soon with some more ideas. Your last post was from July. Also stop by and visit me.
Nice to meet you,
Lee Laurie


Hi Rose,
Some how I just found your blog and I think it is absolutly beautiful, I am so sorry it took me so long!! The piano makeover looks so pretty . I was looking through all of your makeovers and I love the slipcovers you made for your couch, they turned out so good!! That buffet you painted reminds me of one I found in NC just recently and I couldn't get it home ): I loved it but we had no more room in the truck. I'll be back soon to check out more, have you decorated for the holidays yet?