Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lofty Ideas

I've been waiting until the loft was perfect to post it but I finally realized it's never going to be. Now if you're telling yourself  'She has six kids. This is so staged. " You'd be right. lol There aren't usually flowers (or more importantly a bowl of water with flowers) on the table and candles burning but hey, it looks nice in the photos. :o)
The armoire is from my sister. It was originally the top half of a set so we put legs and appliques on it and painted it white. (see a pattern forming? lol)
I wrapped most of our books in white paper (thank you Romantic Homes for that idea) and my plan is to one day stamp the titles on the spines with pretty colors and designs. I also have plans to make cord covers for the sconces. One day.... *sigh* 
Thanks for stopping by! xoxo