Sunday, February 10, 2008

new to me chairs

For years now we have been dining on hand-me-down mismatched table and chairs. I've nothing against used furniture nor do I want everything matching perfectly, but they've been ugly used and mismatched. I've plenty against ugly as far as furniture goes. ;)
Weeks after I had William, my three month old, my mother kindly bought us this very pretty, yet needing some paint, table and chairs. (The ones with the blue seats) I found the yellow chairs 4 for $15 at a thrift store last January. I added appliques and painted them all white (I am of the opinion that many things need white paint. ;) ) and recovered the seats in a very pretty oil cloth. The small yellow chairs got pink with white polka dots and the larger chairs got a floral cover. Both fabrics are from MODA and the floral is Seaside Rose by Three Sisters. I love them. I just need to give them some light distressing. So much nicer than the mishmash we had before. :)


Rose Garden Romantic said...

Your home is so pretty!! Love your great furniture makeovers!!

gwenandboys said...

You need to start a home decorating business! You are totally awesome at making everything look great!

Jessica said...

I love your table and chairs! You did a great job. :-)I am looking for a similar dining set at the moment.